How it works

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How it Works?

 In this brief tutorial, the following topics will be covered: 

Creating new patients. 

Creating a new diagnosis 

Creating a new treatment session 

Creating a session report 


Step 1: Creating new patients

The first step in treating a patient is to create a patient record with their details. Follow the instructions below to create a new patient record:

1. Click on New Patient link on the left bottom side of the screen.

2. Enter the details of the patient.

Note: In the figure below all the compulsory fields are indicated by an exclamation mark. VAIDYA will not save the patient record until all the compulsory fields are filled out.

3. Click on the Save button to save the patient’s record.


Step 2: Starting a new diagnosis

By assessing the patient’s qualities you can comprehensively diagnose the patient. Follow the instructions below to start the diagnosis:

1. Select the name of the patient from the patients list. 

2. Click on the New Diagnosis link from the main screen.

3. The diagnosis screen will start up and you can begin assessing the patient.  

               A: The patient’s name

               B: Steps in the diagnosis

Note: The first 14 diagnosis steps (highlighted in fig below) are compulsory as VAIDYA cannot complete a diagnosis until these steps have been completed. The remaining steps are optional, completing them will provide a significant amount of diagnostic information.

 4. When you have completed all the steps, click on Diagnose link.

 5. VAIDYA will diagnose the patient using the information you have entered. 

Note: VAIDYA always leaves the final decision in your hands. You can use the constitution that VAIDYA suggests or choose something different.

Determining the patient’s constitution

6. Click on the Save button to save the diagnosis session.

Note: You can also Email or Print the diagnosis result. 

Click on the close button to return back to the main screen.

Step 3: Starting a new treatment session

A treatment session assess the patient’s prakriti, vikriti and their affected channels – so you need to determine these before starting a new treatments. You can do this by completing a diagnosis or setting these off directly in the patient details screen. 

1. Click on the New Treatment Session link  

2. VAIDYA shows all the affected channels for the selected patient. 

Note: Ama Burning is always shown irrespective of the affected channels.

 3. The treatments for each channel are divided into categories: Simple Herb Traditional Bhasmas Asav/ Arishtas Therapeutic 

4. VAIDYA automatically recommends certain key treatments that directly treat your patient’s condition. These are shown in bold, but are not selected unless you select them. 

        A: The treatments recommended by VAIDYA

        B: Other useful herbs

5. Select the treatments by ticking the checkbox. 

6. After selecting all the required treatments click on the Finish button.

7. The treatments you have chosen become editable. You may add notes, treatment details or add your own treatments and Save them. 

8. Click on the Close button to return back to the main screen. Note: You can also Email or Print the diagnosis result.

Step 4: Starting a new reports session

The reports are prepared uniquely for your patient using information gathered from the diagnosis and you are able to customise the reports to meet your patient’s specific needs. To start a new Report Session follow the steps below:

1. Click on New Report Session link.  

2. The reports are listed on the left of the screen: 

    o Lifestyle and Dietary 

    o Massage report 

    o Panchakarma Report 

    o Musculo-Skeletal Report 

    o Recepies 

    o Beauty Therapy 

    o Emotional Report 

3. Selecting a report displays it in the middle of the screen. 

4. Some reports have options which you can change. If you change these options (see diagram, marked by A), clicking the Update (see diagram, marked by B) button will update the report.  

5. The report text is editable. You can add notes or modify the existing text.

6. Once you are happy with the report you can Print or Email it.

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