We at Surya Ayurveda are very proud and humbled to announce that we only sell Ayurda Herbs that are listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Ayurda herbs are known for their quality, efficacy and safety in complementary medicines.
Ayurda herbs are not only 120 meshes or more, but they are also sourced from carefully identify herbs growers in the Himalayas. This process helps assure our customers peace of mind that they are not using commercial ground herbs.
Ayurda herbs help consumer with their health and wellbeing problems, these Ayurvedic herbs are known to remove the imbalances from the body and mind they also help to restore the balance in our bodily intelligence. These Ayurda herbs are prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioner and other health practitioner for their clients, they can also be combined based on their clients imbalances or health issues.

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