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What is Vaidya?

VAIDYA is everything you need as a professional ayurvedic practitioner:

Ayurvedic knowledge at your fingertips. 

A powerful symptom-based diagnostic model. 

Guided tests, including a comprehensive pulse test. 

An extensive intelligent treatment database. 

Lifestyle advice: dietary, daily and seasonal regimes — for you to customize for your patient. 


Vaidya is for natural health practitioners who want to treat patients at the same level as the ancient Ayurvedic Physicians. Vaidya provides traditional, ancient and systematic information to guide you in treating your patient. Vaidya puts you in control, providing detailed information throughout the consultation and helping to illustrate Ayurvedic principles to your patient. 

 An interactive questionnaire on physical attributes and a guided pulse test help you to determine your patient’s constitution. 

 At the heart of Vaidya lies a powerful database linking over 450 symptoms of disease with disturbances in the doshas, dhatus (tissues) and Srotas (channels). By selecting your patient’s symptoms, an Ayurvedic model of illness (Vikriti) is constructed and displayed. This allows your patient to clearly see Ayurvedic principles at work. 

 To complement this process, a toolbox of guided ayurvedic tests is available to assist you in gathering additional information on the nature of your patient’s condition. This includes a comprehensive pulse diagnosis test based on the qualities chosen by you as a practitioner. As well as traditional tests for urine, stool and nail, Vaidya also provide a very comprehensive Ayurvedic iridology test (unique knowledge developed by Dr Ajit based on the knowledge explained in ancient texts.). A detailed tongue test completes a wealth of clinical information, giving you opportunity to involve your client in process of any consultation. 

Once you make final decision on your patient’s constitution and imbalances, Vaidya can display treatments that help to correct any unbalanced Srotas. Additionally, certain key treatments that directly treat your patient’s condition are automatically suggested. There are over 500 treatments, each with detailed background information, grouped into treatment categories. You are in full control. At every stage, you decide which treatments to employ. 

Daily regimes and diet form such an essential part of Ayurveda. To address this, Vaidya includes functionality to build detailed reports for patients, which include dietary suggestions, daily and seasonal regimes, and suggested recipes, these reports are prepared uniquely for your patient using information gathered from the diagnosis and you can customize the report to meet your patient’s specific needs.

All lifestyle advice is accompanied by an explanation of the rationale behind it. 

Vaidya can prepare a customised Panchkarma, massage or musculoskeletal programme, based on information gathered from the diagnostic process. For example, in the case of Panchkarma, the report is based on your patient’s unbalanced Srotas and the patient’s constitution. You ar eable to customise the report to meet your patient’s specific needs.

 Store your patient’s details along with a family history, past history and dietary habits, Diagnoses and treatments are saved for subsequent retrieval.

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