Chakra Balancing Formulation


Set of 7 Chakra Formulation

Made from Gems and Precious Metal Ashes

This formulation is prepared as a “Home-based program” and can be used by anyone at the comfort of their home.

The formulation comes in a 2 gm packaging size, and can be used for approximately 20 sessions for each Chakra.

For External Use Only

More details in description and directions tabs below.

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Due to our deep-rooted and suppressed emotional and mental traumas, as well as physical, mental, and emotional imbalances, any of our 7 Chakras can get affected.

In Vedic and Ayurvedic Science, the 7 Chakras play a crucial role in maintaining our wellbeing at every level of our physical and spiritual journey, and hence it is of utmost importance, that we do our best to keep these Chakras in balanced state.

Whenever any of the Chakras gets blocked, it heavily impacts one’s physical and mental health. There are several causes of blockage of Chakras, mainly including suppressed and/or unresolved emotions, and depletion of Ojas. Moreover, many people are now-a-days practising Kundalini Yoga and some other Yoga to awake their Chakras. However, awakening of Chakras require some preparations such as cleansing, following pure Sattvic lifestyle, etc, often carries the risk of drastic negative impact on their Chakras.

In Ayurveda, there is a vey unique therapy to awake Chakras, called “Chakra Sparsha Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy”. The main key of this therapy is the preparation of Bhasma from the relevant ashes of gem stones and precious metals.

This powerful formulation can help you to balance your Chakras at any stage of your life for any type of imbalance.

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Dosage and Directions

Dosage and Directions

Once you are able to identify the blocked Chakra or any sign of imbalances, take 75-100 mg of required Chakra formulation, mix with lukewarm pure Ghee and apply on Chakra impression on your body in clockwise direction for 7 rounds, and press with the thumb.

Once the therapy is started, you must continue it for 7/14/21/31 days, depending on the severity of imbalances such as how deep the balance is or how long it has been affecting you.

Please note, 7 days prior to the start and end of the entire therapy, whether 7/14/21 or 31 days, you must not consume any stimulant such as meat, alcohol, drugs, or any other habit-forming medicines.



Warnings – For External Use Only

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