Rose Mist 100ml


Ayurda Rose mist has all the goodness of organic Rosa Centifolia to cool and nourish the skin.

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Ayurda’s Rose Mist is a multipurpose spray that uplifts your mood, rejuvenates your skin and acts as a basis for all face masks. It will keep you energised and looking radiant all day, thanks to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of rose petals. Use this mist to prepare your skin prior to serum and moisturiser application, allowing it to fully absorb all beneficial nutrients. Alternatively, simply soak cotton pads in this mist and place them on your eyes to reduce signs of tiredness.

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100% Pure steam-distilled Rosa centifolia (Shatpatri) flower water and love.

Good for

Good for

All skin types



Cleanse face thoroughly and spray a fine mist over face and neck and let it dry. Use in the morning and evening. Alternatively, store in the fridge and soak a cotton pad with the toner to use as a cold compress. You can also use throughout the day to freshen and uplift the skin and senses and prior to applying moisturisers and oils to assist with penetration.

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