Shanti Oil 100ml


“Discover Tranquility Within: Embrace the Soothing Touch of Shanti Oil”

Unwind and rejuvenate with Shanti Oil. Our soothing blend is crafted from ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, designed to ease stress, uplift moods, and promote restful sleep. Embrace tranquility in a busy world – a simple, luxurious moment just for you. Make it a daily ritual or whenever you need to pause and relax.

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Life can demand a lot from you. Shanti Oil is a light, elegant and fragrant oil, which helps to relax your senses, offering a momentary aromatic escape. Using an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, we’ve carefully hand-blended this delicate, natural herbal oil with the purpose of helping ease anxiety, slow a racing mind, lift mood throughout the day, as well as helping to support a restful sleep at night. This lavishly peaceful oil allows you to pause and experience a brief respite from the stresses of the world – a sacred moment, preciously rare in our modern lives. Use as part of your daily self-care ritual or dab on any time you feel the need to pause during your busy day.

Directions For Use

Through the day – Apply a few drops of Shanti Oil to your pulse points, on the wrist, temples, face and behind your ears. Take a slow, deep breath and massage the oil gently.

After bathing – Take a small quantity of the oil and apply all over your face and body immediately after a bath or shower to allow the oil to deeply nourish your skin and ground your senses.

Suitable for adults and children.


Tulsi (Holy Basil) oil, Narangi (Sweet Orange) Oil, (Lavender) Oil, Safed Chandan Oil (Sandalwood)

Good For

• helping ease anxiety
• helping to slowing a racing mind
• lifting mood throughout the day
• helping to support a restful sleep at night


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