Immune System and Ayurveda

By Dr. Ajit

In the last 12 months the phrase “immune system” has become the most searched word on the internet. We all know the reason, as one virus has brought the world to a total standstill. The corona virus has shown us that in spite of having the best technology available and new inventions at our fingertips, we can still be made helpless, while the cost has reached hundreds of thousands lives and still counting.  

On every platform, our doctors and scientist keep talking about the importance of our immune system and how to keep it in an optimum state but no one has given any advice on how to boost their immune systems. In this environment, people have chosen different options. Some have started eating on raw fruit and vegetables or only eating organic food. Many people have started drinking 4-5 litres of water will help to flush toxins and clean the immune system, while some has taken more vigorous exercise, either on a treadmill in gym or running 6-7 kilometres a day. While these all efforts are good, we have all seen they are short lived. Whenever the lockdown finishes, many of our old habits return.

The reason for this is that whatever action we take to throw of these old habits is fear based. The moment we see things are getting a bit better we tend to get back into our old habits, Majority of us still waiting for vaccine, while others feel that will never get the problem so don’t feel the need to take any positive action to build their immune system.

But Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest system of healing, has shared with us all that living with awareness is the key to total wellbeing, and this wellbeing can be with us every day of our lives. This awareness is not just limited to eating organic, drinking 4-5 litres, running 6-7 kilometres or taking tons of vitamins to boost our immune system. This science teaches us that for our immune system to be in balance we need to look at our lifestyle, diet, the environment in which we live and work and are also aware of our thoughts, actions and duties, And this can’t be for limited period of time, This awareness should be part of everyone’s life all the time. Ayurvedic medicine is not just a “green” prescription, It is a complete science, a way of life that we are all able to adopt so we can make ourselves strong enough at every level that such viruses should not affect our health.

Ayurvedic medicine has shared with us that Corona virus is not the end but just the beginning and we should be ready to face such viruses more often in the future. This is because we keep making wrong choices by selecting incompatible foods and keep absorbing the same things, so our immune systems will be compromised and there will always be a chance we can get infected whenever some new virus comes along.

Therefore, it is very important that we all make an effort to boost our immune system, not just by taking multi-vitamins capsules or Omega 3 or B12 shots, but we must make a complete approach to our wellbeing by enhancing our awareness towards such simple but effective daily routines to flush toxins from our system, how we can know what food items are compatible to our body makeup and how to make food as medicine and how we can learn to process our thoughts, which impact on our state of mind. This is all taught by Ayurveda, that advocates living with awareness all the time is one way to boost our immune system. We need to learn how to strike balance in our lives.

To get an individualised and customised plan to build your immune system and live healthy at every level (physical, mental and emotional) you need to make a visit to an Ayurvedic doctor who can create a programme for you. Then it is up to you to implement that programme for your wellbeing.  Then no one need to live in fear until the vaccine is ready and can save many lives.

We can empower ourselves to be better and make ourselves complete, living in balance and health.

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