Say goodbye to allergies this spring with Ayurvedic healing!

By Rippan Sandhu

Sneezing, runny eyes, a blocked nose … does that sound like you this spring? Odds are, you blame the abundance of pollen on the air — but did you know these are actually signs that your immune system is overworked and overstressed?

While these symptoms may look and feel like a bad cold, it’s your body’s way of protecting you from what it thinks are foreign toxins entering your body. According to the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, our bodies work best when all our energies are in balance. Each sickness is a sign of imbalance, and the congestion and mucus so common during the spring is a sign of excess Kapha.

Before you reach for the over-the-counter antihistamines, understand that these pills can only treat the symptoms — not the underlying cause. This spring, why not give your body long lasting healing through easy, natural lifestyle changes that will benefit your immune system for years to come? Read on for our four simple tips on battling allergies this spring!

1. Go easy on your digestive system.
Undigested food leads to a build up of toxins in the body. To balance the dampness of Kapha, indulge this spring in warm foods cooked foods with an abundance of spices and a touch of ghee. Reduce dairy and cold drinks, which contribute to the build up of mucus in your system.

2. Kickstart your day.
Anyone who’s had a bout of hayfever knows there’s no worse way to wake up than with a stuffy nose. Give your system a nudge by drinking a tall, warm glass of ginger and lemon infused water first thing in the morning! Not only does the spiciness of the ginger and tanginess of the lemon knock your nostrils clear, it’s also a great way to wake up!

3. Try a Neti pot.
A traditional Ayurvedic practice which helps to clear your sinuses with salt water and a small, specialised pot with a long snout. Practice doing this early in the day before your morning yoga session to clear your nasal passages.

4. Use Ayurvedic nasal drops.

Rather than head for artificial chemicals to clear up your sinuses, heal your body naturally with Planet Ayurveda’s Nasal Drops, an ancient remedy called Shad Bindu Oil. Formulated from traditional Ayurvedic herbs, these nasal drops not only work to clear the sinuses but treats other symptoms of hay fever like migraines and headaches.

Remember, your body is Mother Nature’s greatest invention and has an infinite capability to heal itself — all you have to do is oil the gears, and give it a nudge!

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